Practical life tips for my son

  • Never be afraid to doublecheck if you have locked the door when you are using the toilet
  • Always wear a helmet on a bike
  • Always be careful around roads, water, weights, heights, fast things, hot things, and sharp things. Remember: scratches and bruises on skin heal, if you lose an eye or a finger, those don’t grow back.
  • Never drink alcohol & drive a vehicle
  • Always where your seatbelt
  • As much as possible, own your mistakes
  • The keys to self-improvement are: to listen well, to learn from experience, and to read good books
  • Remember to floss
  • Wear earplugs to loud concerts (tinnitus later on in life sucks)
  • Note down the dates of when you started and left jobs, and when you moved house. You always seem to need these things for filling out forms.
  • Don’t let fear of non-conforming put you off being into the things you are into
  • Don’t live to please your parents
  • If you are feeling stuck on a problem, try going for a walk in the fresh air
  • Make your bed in the morning when you get up, it sets you up for the day
  • Unless absolutely necessary, be anonymous online and use an alias
  • Clean around the toilet after you use it and put the seat back down
  • If you don’t feel safe somewhere, just leave. No matter what anyone says, if you want to leave then leave.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t ask, you don’t know.
  • Be kind
  • Respect & look after your body
  • Learn to swim well
  • You are not a tree, you can leave a job if you want and that isn’t a defeat – sometimes walking away is the strongest thing
  • Make a triple effort to remember the names of people when you meet them. It’s hard to do but worth it. It matters to people.
  • Look after your teeth. See a dentist regularly.
  • Wash your hands & wrists before you eat
  • Don’t leave leftover tuna in the tin in the fridge, the tin can leach into the tuna and cause it to become poisonous. Don’t eat leftover rice after it has been in the fridge for more than two days, it becomes unsafe to eat. Also, you can only reheat leftover rice once, after that it is unsafe to eat & you need to throw it away.

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