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My letter to the House of Lords asking for support for a public vote on the final Brexit deal

I am contacting you in advance of the “Parliamentary motions on a referendum” amendment expected to be voted on in the House of Lords around April 30th. I am a British citizen who came to the United Kingdom 7 years … Continue reading

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Please help support the release of ‘Unrest’

As someone with M.E. it has been frustrating wrestling with a disease that is hard to understand, destroys the lives of people suffering with it and seems to be underrepresented in terms of research funding despite the millions of people … Continue reading

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Quitting the Paint Factory – By Mark Slouka

It is this willingness to hand over our lives that fascinates and appalls me. There’s such a lovely perversity to it; it’s so wonderfully counterintuitive, so very Christian: You must empty your pockets, turn them inside out, and spill out … Continue reading

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That Time Obama Dropped The Mic

About once a month my brain will ask me “Hey, remember that time Obama dropped the mic?”. And it’s not like he did it just once, I saw him do it twice: on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and at … Continue reading

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The time I almost joined a pyramid scheme

The title of this post should be “The time I almost joined a multilevel marketing scheme” but that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. Back in 2005 or 2006 during my mid-twenties my girlfriend at the time was interested in signing … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything

I’m trying out “Ask Me Anything”. I will do my very best to answer any questions I get! Here’s the link: Ask Dave Anything

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The Rolling Stones – GRRR!

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